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Finally, the time has come to at least put my vague ideas to paper. I can't promise they'll be well-formed. A good number of my ideas don't grace paper well-formed to begin with; it's the process of writing that shapes them into something, and I'll follow the same logic on this blog.

My aim with this journal is to have it be an exploration of the more spiritual side of me, as well as a place to talk about things which define me as Me (in my own eyes, and maybe in others'). This means this journal will include discussions of stuff like gender, sexuality, spirituality, neuroatypicality, science fiction, music, writing, and any instance of my life that makes me feel like I'm home and not stuck in the mundane real world with my mundane mortal body. Most things in this journal will be subjective. I may not back up my words with research, because what's real to me is what I'm feeling rather than what other people tell me is true.

This is how the filtering breakdown's gonna go, at least what I've worked out in my head so far:

Public will be things like discussions of Nifty Things I've Found On The Internet that pertain to my interests, such as the previous brief post on the Cyborg Manifesto. They might also include snippets of my life, or a photo or two -- whatever I feel comfortable putting up on the internet publicly. Chances are, they will be few and far between, and will contain very little information about me as I am in everyday life.

Access list entries will make up the brunt of this journal. I dislike making individual filters because my experiences overlap the neat sections I could try and filter for -- for example, if I'm writing about a prominent character in a story of mine, does that go under 'writing', 'character rambling', 'neuroatypicality', some mixture of the three? Who do I trust to see each of those? Does it matter too much? Everything in my life blurs together a bit, so I don't want to bother with obsessively filtering everything. If I don't feel comfortable with you knowing most things I want to talk about, chances are I shouldn't have you on my access list, basically.

That being said, I have two filters in mind:

1. Writing. This is actual prose that I have produced, that I am excerpting (or putting up in full) for whatever reason on this journal. Only people I trust get to see anything pre-published, because I'm neurotic like that. However, this is a filter where, if you ask to be on it, I'll give it serious thought and probably let you take a peek. You can leave a comment on this post over here or just poke me and ask if you get a mind to.

2. Saga. This is a filter for a very specific part of my spirituality that I've only discussed with a select few, and don't feel comfortable talking about with just anyone. So I won't. However, since this is mainly a spiritualish journal, I'm going to talk about this part of me in it. If you're on it, you're on it. If you're not, deal with it.

There'll probably be a bit of shifting around of all this as I get settled and figure things out, etc, but it's nice to have something up here, at least.

ETA: I think I should probably add that at first, if I don't know you but I'm interested in reading your journal, I will only subscribe to you and not grant access. Afterward, should we either get to know each other better, or maybe the stars have aligned correctly, I might add you to the access filter. Just saying, the initial 'not granted access' is entirely subject to change; it's just me sending out feelers. :)


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