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I'm surprised to find that I kind of wish I could go to WisCon. I mean, the first year I went was very iffy for me, as a) I'd just returned from a road trip to New Mexico, which overshadowed the whole event and b) I wasn't established as a writer and felt kind of like I didn't belong there with all the other awesome people. It felt a bit more like 'and here's a few of Rachel Swirsky's students along for the ride' than anything, and made me feel a little silly.

Last year I was just the driver for a few friends (Sam and [personal profile] dokkaebi), and it was much easier. I spent the majority of the time bummin' about on State Street, reading books whilst lounging on the campus/by the lake, going to lunch with people. Snuck into the bar with Jei, Sam and Rachel, snuck into the dealer's room with Jei, snuck into Sarah Prineas's release party for the first Magic Thief book -- I need to get my hands on that, as a side note -- and overall it was easier to exist around the con when I felt like I didn't have to be a Writer with a capital W. Not, by any means, the easiest thing, and I didn't talk to a whole lot of people who weren't Sam or Jei, but I didn't feel like I wasn't supposed to be there anymore (even though technically I wasn't, having no badge).

Then again, I'm not really sure cons are my thing. I like the idea of them, because who wouldn't like the idea of a big get together of people all more or less interested and passionate about the same things? But I'm not good with large groups of people (even if they don't make me anxious enough I have to leave, it's hard to follow conversations with a lot of background noise and cons have a lot of background noise), and I'm iffy on the way the panels are structured, at least the larger ones. I remember really liking the ones I went to, but the ones whose content I remember now are the smaller ones, that seemed more like eight or ten people chatting than three people up in front of a room discussing things for the benefit of the audience.

Possibly next year I'll do the same I did last year, if I have the money to fly up, and hang out with people for the sake of hanging out, be nerdy at people for the sake of that, and try not to feel pressured about the fact that I'm not published and probably won't be for another couple years. Especially if I never finish anything and send it out.

I should get on that. >.>
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