God's War

Dec. 5th, 2012 09:36 am
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So while I was spending the night in the airport night before last, and also a bit on the plane yesterday, I read God's War by Kameron Hurley. And I really, really enjoyed it.

I'm pretty terrible at doing actual reviews for things, so I'm not going to try. But there were a few things about it that I really liked.

1) The religion in it -- most of them -- weren't based on Christianity. I don't know enough about Islam and other middle eastern religions to really know whether or not the religions were based on them more than anything, but it appeared that way to me. (Rather, I believe they were based on middle eastern religions, or at least had roots in them, but I couldn't tell you which novel-religion corresponded to any non-Christian religion, if they corresponded at all exactly.

2) The worldbuilding! It reminded me a lot of the stuff that we're trying to do with Apocaverse, in that it's a completely different culture that has little tells in it. The part I particularly liked was the fact that whenever the narration was in the main character, Nyx's, point of view, or she was talking about some theoretical person whose gender was either not necessary to know or just unknown, she used 'she' as the default instead of 'he'. Because her culture is intensely matriarchal. Which is also something that we did in Apocaverse, or at least tried to. ...there really wasn't much related to Apoca, it was just the way little stuff was blended in there that I feel I need to take note of and keep in mind when writing Apoca, basically.

3) No happy ending love story. *jazzhands* Okay, the MC seems to be/is written as bisexual but heavily leaning toward homosexual in who she chooses to sleep with. There are definite mentions of her sleeping with men, but the overwhelming majority of the time she's talked about as sleeping with women or being interested in women. And there's a secondary MC, Rhys, who is male and with whom Nyx weirdly falls in love with (I say weirdly because half the time they sort of hate each other and I think she really, really hates the fact that she loves him, mostly because she hates the fact that she loves anybody). And at the end, he doesn't love her back and he turns his back on staying with her when he knows that his safety would be jeopardized (moreso than it always is constantly throughout the entire story because these are bounty hunters and assassins he's running with and he's...not, and is a little anti-personally-involving-himself-in-violence). I think he likes her, in a sort-of grudgingly friendly way, but there's no happily ever after for them, it's not forced and this ending feels much more true to their characters than if the romance was forced (though I admit to occasionally hoping that he would go with her >.>), and...yeah. I was pretty relieved when he was all "nah, I think I'll stick with these guys instead of go with you to my certain death, thanks, bye", at the end.

YEP. Vague rantramble is vaguely rantrambly. Now I should actually get dressed and pack up stuff to go poke at comic things.
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