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Never take advice from someone who just admitted to being devious

never done nothing but build to destroy

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Name:Thief [if,not.]
the rain will wash me away
all structure collapsed

Non-binary cyborg monsterthing. Creator/Destroyer. Morality not screwed on quite right. Neurodiverse, asocial, shy, skittish, shadowcreature. Sits in the darker parts of life. Always telling stories, always writing. If not, then dead.

This journal is a collection of musings on identity, writing, and spirituality. It's a place to work through things to a limited audience, to discuss things which generally cannot be discussed in polite company, and to keep field notes (on other worlds, stories being written, or spirituality work).

Very private and guarded; most of this journal will be access and filter only.

nothing covers my grave
only destruction remains

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(not) majoring in morality, androgyny, apocalypses, becoming the other, body modification, cathartic acts of creation, creepily beautiful, cyberpunk, cyborgs, dyed hair, dystopias, endless stretches of highway, ereshkigal, gender, genderfuck, god in the machine, ink trance, intersectionality, just being, keeping your life surreal, kink, machine empathy, misanthropy, modern-day prophets, morality games, music coma, neuroatypicality, personal apocalypses, polar bears, post-apocalyptica, psychology, rivetheads, science fiction, sexuality, silent hill, speculative fiction, surrealism, sustainable living, tea, technomagic, the singularity, the uncanny valley, transhumanism, unconventional spirituality, writing,
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